Harmonised Land Policy and Legal Framework on Land Tenure in the ECOWAS Region.

Conference Land HBS Abuja

The Heinrich Boell Foundation (hbs), in collaboration with the ECOWAS Commission’s Directorate on Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources, held a Roundtable with stakeholders from civil society across West Africa to achieve the following objectives:

  • Discussion of priority issues relating to land ownership, land use and land management??
  • Information exchange on stakeholders’ actions and plans regarding the ECOWAS Land Policy
  • Assisting the adoption of a comprehensive and progressive Land Directive by ECOWAS
  • Preparing for the LPI (Land Policy Initiative) Conference in Ghana in November 2014

Find below is the key recommendation from the document presented by Mr. Ernest Aubee intitled ”Harmonised Land Policy and Legal Framework on Land Tenure in the ECOWAS Region”

Validation Workshop     4 – 6 June 2013 Abuja, Nigeria

Key Recommendations on the Report & Processes.

  • Multi-stakeholders consultations at national level prior to adoption.
  • Update of land tenure status in the various ECOWAS Member States.
  • Provision of guidelines on land status.
  • Need for convergent approach to land acquisition by non-nationals.
  • Implementation of participating & inclusive approach.
  • Gender mainstreaming at all levels.
  • Harmonise regulations on natural resources mgt. at regional & national levels.
  • Training & information for stakeholders at national and regional levels.



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