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Ghana: 20,000 US $ compensation / month But: Where is the money?

This is the story of Lolito and 20,000 US$ compensation per month. Sounds good, but Land Grabbing has different faces. Foreign investors acquired land in this community in the Volta Region. In this poor region jobs are more than welcome, actually: any development is welcome. But after the land was taken, the community is not profiting from it.

Accaparement des terres au Mali,les populations de Kolé réclament leurs terres

Kolé est une localité située dans le périmètre irriguée de Baguinéda dans la région de Koulikoro au Sud du Mali.Depuis un certain temps, Kolé est menacée par un lotissement ordonné par l’autorité communale, au grand dam des paysans qui réclament, à cor et à cris, l’arrêt des travaux.

Kolé is a village located in the irrigated perimeter of Baguinéda in the Koulikoro Region of southern Mali. For quite some period of time, kolé has been under threat because a subdivision plan has been put in place by the local authority at the expense of the farmers who are likely to lose their control over land and therefore claiming their rights.They are crying out for the immediate suspension of the ongoing subdivision.


Accaparement des terres: la population de Zekounga au Burkina Faso revendiquent leurs droits

Les populations de Zékounga, un village situé à environ 15 Km de Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso sont menacées d’éviction. Selon les populations, le Maire de Tanghin Dassori accapare leurs terres sous le couvert d’un projet d’urbanisation et utilise par l’intimidation, arrestation arbitraire, de violence et voies de faits pour se saisir de leur patrimoine foncier.

Zékounga is a village located at about 15km from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. The community is threatened by a forced eviction being conducted by the Mayor of Tanghin Dassori who, according to masses, is hiding behind a so-call urbanization project and using intimidation, arbitrary detention and other violence and abuse to take control of the land belonging to the Community.

Nigeria: Land grabbing

Ogoni community in Nigeria is about to lose control over their farmland as Nigerian government decided to kick the community off their land for the profit of an international investor.

Soil Atlas 2015

2015 is the Year of the Soil! Find in this atlas facts and figures, all explained in concrete examples and infographics. Everything you always wanted to know about what is happening above and under the ground, the impact of climate change, land grabbing and urbanization.
Soil Atlas 2015

Justice for the Abonnema Wharf residents

The Rivers State government had on 26 July 2010 demolished Abonnema Wharf waterfront, thereby leaving thousands of residents homeless. In January 2015 the Human Rights Commission will gather for a hearing of this case. Will they find a way to bring justice to the community?

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Nigeria: Study reveals the insufficiency of Voluntary Guidelines

cc Flickr photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann
Most of the issues within the Principles are either of an ethical nature, says the author, are already embedded in the Constitution of Nigeria and within its different policies on natural resources management. What in effect is of importance is that the principles are a reminder of to move from policy concepts and political rhetoric to implementation and action. Continue reading