Justice for the Abonnema Wharf residents

The Rivers State government had on 26 July 2010 demolished Abonnema Wharf waterfront, thereby leaving thousands of residents homeless. In January 2015 the Human Rights Commission will gather for a hearing of this case. Will they find a way to bring justice to the community?

The exercise which reportedly started on 26 June 2010 lasted for days, as residents were taken unaware as many people were said to have lost their property in the process.

No fewer than 5000 people were said to have been rendered homeless asa result of the demolition which spared no one.

On June 28th, they took to the streets to protest but were intimidated by guns and tanks from the mobile police and Nigerian army.

The land owners claim they were not duely compensated for the land and property lost.

Landlords, residents and concerned citizens expressed alarm and protested demolition of their homes and seizure of their land.

The land owners from Abonnema Wharf waterfront have protested alleged impunity of Rivers State government in continuing to develop the seized land in contention, despite the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission NHRC.

The matter is presently at the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), as next hearing is scheduled for some time in January 2015.

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