#Land Justice 4 West Africa is social media platform meant to connect communities affected by large land acquisitions to exchange strategies how to tackle land grabbing. The platform is created by HBS West Africa (Heinrich Böll Stiftung / The Green German Foundation) to address land rights and land grabbing in West Africa on regional level. ECOWAS is currently developing a regional Land Policy. But do they listen to civil society? This process needs our input. Let’s get civil society to be heard by national and ECOWAS decision makers. Let’s share experience with land grabbing and form a joint strategy how to support each other in defending our land and land rights.

2 responses to “About

  1. Andrea Staeritz

    Thanks for the complement! You are welcome ! Do you want to contribute? Best regards

  2. Barr ibrahim kura

    I am amazed by this giant project initiated by you. i believe your passion for investigative journalism and readiness to make sacrifice in order to better the life of the voiceless commoners in our sub region which propel you to travel thousands of miles to see thigs yourself will surely met its target within no distant time. i congratulate for laying this challenge before us. thanks

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