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98- year old, blind Elizabeth has to give way for Palm Oil Plantation

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98 year old, blind Elisabeth: “I still have two years to go before I am hundred”.

Thousands of people disenfranchised, evicted and deprived of their livelihoods, this is not current affairs but a process over years. Near Kade, Eastern Region of Ghana, a Belgium Oil Palm Farmer promotes biodiversity and drives out residents. GOPDC owns two industrial plantations, in Kwae and Okumaning, with a total concession of 14,153 ha but only 7,700 ha being already developed. One of the evictees is 98-year old Elisabeth.

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Organized Theft of Land – Cameroon’s Centenary Infrastructure Project


This beach will soon be turned into phase II of Kribi Airport

Kribi Port

Kribi is home to Cameroon’s best beaches: the sand is fine, the water crystal clear, fresh fish is guaranteed by local fishermen. Now Kribi has become part of a larger infrastructure project. Continue reading

Land Grab in the Rainforest

Get the information in this video and join the Petition: Letter to the Governor





A Do or Die Affair: Episode 3 of Radio Drama on Land (Agroecology)

A Do or Die Affair

Small Scale Family Farming/Production Systems based on agro-ecological and indigenous approaches, that sustain food sovereignty and the livelihoods of communities can be the answer to climate change and land grabbing. Many farmers migrate to urban areas or foreign countries because they don’t know how to improve their farms. Listen here to the Radio Drama and download the full Radio Drama Scripts to translate and adapt the drama for your own radio show.


False Promise – Radio Drama Episode 2 (Land & Corruption)

A broad alliance from World Bank to G8, from governments to multi-national corporations promotes large scale agriculture to improve food security, to create jobs and to bring development to rural communities. Very often farmers give up their land rights to follow this dream. Liste here to the Radio Drama and download the Radio Drama Scripts to tranlate into your own language.

Taboo No More – Radio Drama Episode 1 (Women & Land)

Women, in particular widows and women-headed households, tend to be denied or are assigned weaker land rights and, as a result, are often amongst the most vulnerable people in society and victims of grabbing. Listen here to the drama Episode 1. You can also download the full Radio Drama Scripts

Nigeria : Staple Crop Processing Zone in Kogi – another form of land grabbing?

Under the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Nigeria developped the idea of Staple Crop Processing Zones. An investor brings a food processing plant, so the idea, the farmers sell their produce to him/her. The farmers remain independant and keep their land. Is this a model for the future or ajust another myth?
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Ghana: 20,000 US $ compensation / month But: Where is the money?

This is the story of Lolito and 20,000 US$ compensation per month. Sounds good, but Land Grabbing has different faces. Foreign investors acquired land in this community in the Volta Region. In this poor region jobs are more than welcome, actually: any development is welcome. But after the land was taken, the community is not profiting from it.

Accaparement des terres au Mali,les populations de Kolé réclament leurs terres

Kolé est une localité située dans le périmètre irriguée de Baguinéda dans la région de Koulikoro au Sud du Mali.Depuis un certain temps, Kolé est menacée par un lotissement ordonné par l’autorité communale, au grand dam des paysans qui réclament, à cor et à cris, l’arrêt des travaux.

Kolé is a village located in the irrigated perimeter of Baguinéda in the Koulikoro Region of southern Mali. For quite some period of time, kolé has been under threat because a subdivision plan has been put in place by the local authority at the expense of the farmers who are likely to lose their control over land and therefore claiming their rights.They are crying out for the immediate suspension of the ongoing subdivision.


Accaparement des terres: la population de Zekounga au Burkina Faso revendiquent leurs droits

Les populations de Zékounga, un village situé à environ 15 Km de Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso sont menacées d’éviction. Selon les populations, le Maire de Tanghin Dassori accapare leurs terres sous le couvert d’un projet d’urbanisation et utilise par l’intimidation, arrestation arbitraire, de violence et voies de faits pour se saisir de leur patrimoine foncier.

Zékounga is a village located at about 15km from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. The community is threatened by a forced eviction being conducted by the Mayor of Tanghin Dassori who, according to masses, is hiding behind a so-call urbanization project and using intimidation, arbitrary detention and other violence and abuse to take control of the land belonging to the Community.