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Nigeria: Land grabbing

Ogoni community in Nigeria is about to lose control over their farmland as Nigerian government decided to kick the community off their land for the profit of an international investor.

Justice for the Abonnema Wharf residents

The Rivers State government had on 26 July 2010 demolished Abonnema Wharf waterfront, thereby leaving thousands of residents homeless. In January 2015 the Human Rights Commission will gather for a hearing of this case. Will they find a way to bring justice to the community?

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Tales of Grabland

Ogoni communities are already affected severely by the oil industry in the Niger delta. Watch this documentary, which shows how the communities lost their land for a banana plantation. Continue reading

Galadimawa says No! to relocation – the community wants slum up-grading

Galadimawa, a community at the outskirts of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria, is surraounded by fenced estates: new constructions for Abuja residents. The community is resisting the relocation offered by the government. Continue reading

How state limits youth, women access to land in Nigeria


In Nigeria, access to land by citizens irrespective of age and gender has been through inheritance and acquisition through purchase going by the custom. However with the nationalization of land, which vest control on the state, condition for access to land is determined through Land Use Act.
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Gatte women demand equal access to land in Senegal

Senegal- femmes

Gatte women demand equal access to land in Senegal
• Land ownership: Men only affair
In Gatte, a village in the rural community of Dangalma located in the borough of Ngoye in the Bambeye region, 25 km north of Diourbel, land is an exclusive preserve of the men. It therefore cannot be inherited by women, a recent study in the area shows.
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Acquisition, accaparement, cession, ce vocable, associé à « terre » est utilisé par les ONG et les chercheurs pour mettre en évidence le phénomène qui consiste en une mainmise des grandes entreprises sur de grandes étendues de terres.
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Land grabbing in Ibadan, Oyo State (Nigeria)

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Interview with Olayinka Osinubi, Competence Centre for Rural Development Programmes, Ibadan Province

Nigeria: Landgrabbing for Nigeria’s rice revolution


Premium Times | 3 January 2014
by Peter Jopke

The North-Eastern Nigerian State of Taraba is on the verge of handing over 30,000 hectares of land to Dominion Farms. The Memorandum of Understanding of the public-private partnership was signed in February 2012. Continue reading